A Different Kind of Educator

👩‍🏫 Fun fact about me: I actually went to college to be an English Teacher (well I went to college for psychology but changed my major when I realized I hated it 😅)

I discovered a passion for educating my junior year while working in a Job Corps for the month of January as part of my degree.

I have taught grades 1, 6, 7, 8, and 10 plus subbed in all different grade levels.

I have taught on the border of Mexico🌵 and upstate New York🌳.

I never thought I would do anything other than teach.

Then we got pregnant for Adeline and both Christopher and I were on the same page that we didn’t want to put her in daycare if we could avoid it, but my “side hustle” at the time was not bringing in the income we needed.

🤞I joined my clean beauty company when I was 4 months pregnant because the mission aligned with my beliefs, the products were amazing, and we needed another stream of income.

It was always the plan for me to go back to teaching when Addie goes to school.

That’s no longer the plan. I have no intention of going back to teaching. The income we are getting from Crunchi and the growth we know is very close is more than our wildest dreams.

I often think about that degree I paid a ridiculous amount of money for and that passion and love I used to have for educating and wonder if I’m making the right choice. 🤷‍♀️

Then I do a workshop, or I research a topic and share it here or in my clean living community on Facebook, or I have a conversation with someone about what the ingredients in her products are doing to her chances of getting pregnant, and I realize I’m still a teacher. I’m doing what I love now more than ever. I’m educating about something I believe in so much and getting to stay home while I do it. I have actually found my dream job.

To say that I love the fact that my company leads with education is an understatement. I’ve never seen any other company with this kind of education forward model and if this was not who they were, it is very likely I would have missed being an educator and went back to my day job.

So, all of that being said. Thank you for being my students. Thank you for being here with an open mind ready to learn. And thank you to everyone who has ever or will ever host a workshop and allow me to educate your friends and family. I truly appreciate you and am so passionate about this blog and I wake up excited every day to share more education with you!

For daily education about all things clean living, make sure you join the community on Facebook 👉 https://www.facebook.com/groups/raisingclean


Being a Green Beauty Advocate

You probably don’t know this just from reading this blog, but I actually work from home, full time as a Green Beauty Advocate. I have the honor and privilege of educating other women and helping them reduce their toxic body burden and live their best and healthiest lives. And I get paid for it!

As of just a couple of weeks ago…the company I am blessed to be partnered with has completely redone the starter kits and dropped the price points on them to help women get the financial freedom so many need right now while keeping it affordable enough to start when cash flow is low! I’m SO JEALOUS right now. I wish I could rejoin! (For real…we didn’t even have eyeliner when I joined and I got 3 foundation shades I didn’t wear. We’ve come a long way!)

If you are looking to detox your makeup bag quickly, affordably, and with a brand you can trust – I would suggest picking up one of our enrollment kits!

We’ve had over 1,300 Advocates join us since April 1st! 😍 #jawdropping and I tripled just my team alone during the month of April… Because – HELLO! The momentum is HIGH and escalating quickly! More and more women are seeing the mvalue in this community, our Business Portfolio, and these collections.

Partnering with this company comes with countless benefits, but I want to share just a couple that are closest to my heart:

Revolutionary products: With unprecedented performance, ingredient safety, and eco-conscious packaging, we are setting the new gold standard for clean beauty.

Work from home: Be your own boss, choose the people you work with, control your hours, work around the needs of your family – all from the comfort of your own home.

Make a difference: Education is at the forefront of our mission. Women deserve to know about the potentially harmful products they are using everyday and how they can make healthier choices.

Earn income: By following our Smart Start System, you have the potential to earn back your initial investment & turn a profit in your first month!

Join a supportive community: Our collaborative culture is second to none and fosters personal growth, lifelong friendships, and sisterhood. We are empowering women to grow personally and professionally.

Please comment below or hop on over to my Wellness Community (https://www.facebook.com/groups/raisingclean/?ref=bookmarks) if you would like to chat! The more women who join this movement, the more lives changed 🙂

Routines, Goals, Visualization

Since the start of the new year, I’ve been reflecting a lot and making major changes in my mindset. I’ve been implementing new routines, setting some big, scary goals, and starting to put my faith in the law of attraction and the power of visualization.

I was challenged recently to think about my biggest motivating factors for why I do what I do and while there are a lot of reasons, there were two that stood out to me the most.

One of my top motivating factors for getting up each day and putting in as much work as I can is really finances in general but more specifically being able to either homeschool my daughter or put her in a Montessori school. I have loved every minute of my role as stay at home mom since my daughter was born in November 2018, but sometimes I think about how I’m not using my English/Teaching degree. Homeschooling Adeline would combine two of my passions: being home with my child and teaching.

Another motivating factor is educating women (but more specifically even, moms) about safe products and how to live healthier lives. Finding toxin free makeup completely changed mine and my fiancé’s lives, opened our eyes to all the harmful ingredients in everyday products, and has put us in the direction we want to go for raising Adeline and I want that for other women and other moms so badly!

So, what are some of my big, scary goals? What is my new 5 step morning routine that takes less than 2 minutes and sets the scene for a day of success? What is this visualization and law of attraction I mentioned? Jump on over to my clean living community on Facebook where I’ll be sharing these things live very soon!