Salt Lamps

Every Wednesday in my clean living community on Facebook I do a “What’s in my house Wednesday” post. I love sharing the things we use or own that align with our toxin free journey. Today I talked about my salt lamp.

We keep our salt lamp in our bedroom by Adeline’s crib. These are great additions to a home for so many reasons! 

🙃 They balance electromagnetic radiation 
🙌🏻 They enhance overall breathing 
❤️ They cleanse, deodorize, and purify air 
😊 They calm allergies and reduce asthma 
😍They alleviate cough and other symptoms of the common cold 
☺️ They boost blood flow 
😄 They raise energy levels 
🙌🏻 They sharpen concentration and performance 
🙃 They enhance mood 
💋 They reduce stress and promote relaxation 
😴 They improve sleep 

Do you have a salt lamp?
Where do you keep yours?


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