Earth Day!

I talk a lot about the importance of our beauty products being toxin free for our health…

🌍 But as we celebrate Earth Week… let’s look at the ugly truth about the beauty industry’s impact on our PLANET 🌏

🤯 A study done in 2020 found that the bottles, tubes, and containers used ANNUALLY by the cosmetic industry adds up to 120 billion units of plastic packaging. Since only 5% of the world’s plastic waste is effectively recycled, this means the majority of the extreme waste created by the packaging of beauty products ends up in our oceans.

This creates devastating effects year over year… and one of the reasons I love Crunchi is because we refuse to be part of that tragedy!

We are incredibly proud to say that:

🐢 ZERO percent of our primary packaging is plastic!

🐋 We are certified Plastic Neutral+ — this means that we remove more plastics from the environment than we put in

🐠 And we are currently the ONLY cosmetic brand to be partnered with 4Ocean

What is 4ocean? – 4ocean is an ocean cleanup company dedicated to ending the ocean plastic crisis. Since 2017, they have been responsible for recovering 28,321,065 pounds of trash from the world’s oceans, rivers, and coastlines.

🙋🏻‍♀️ Would you like to learn how you can get involved this earth week to be responsible for removing 4lbs of plastic… all while detoxing your beauty routine?!

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