My Fave Clean Milks

It’s been awhile since we were drinkers of cows milk. Once you learn that it is link to breast and colon cancer, you kind of want to stay away from it. I’ve gone through many different kinds of nut milks and even drank the popular almond milks that are full of toxic and harmful fillers not knowing any better. It wasn’t until we were switching Adeline to milk, that I started to do my research; funny how we’ll do much better for our children than we will ourselves, huh?

I was purchasing her nut milk from the store for awhile, but holy cow (see what I did there?) was it expensive. So, then, I started making it using a blender, a large bowl, and dish towel. It was a massive hassle, made a huge mess, and took forever so I went back to buying the expensive stuff because it was just so much easier. But, I wanted to find a better way.

Now, I have to say my favorite clean milk is the cashew milk I make with the Almond Cow 🐮 Christopher got me for our anniversary back in April. I need only organic cashews and water and it takes less than two minutes. Talk about a game changer.

Until you’re ready to commit to an Almond Cow, here are my store faves that are free of: ⬇️

Dairy, soy, gluten, emulsifiers, and other common filler ingredients found in nut milk —> carrageenan, sulfates, soy lecithin, dextrose, and gums.

1] MALK – found at Whole Foods, Target, Sprouts, Natural Grocers, and Kroger || ingredients – organic almonds, Himalayan salt, and filtered water

2] Three Trees – found at Whole Foods, Good Earth || ingredients – reverse osmosis filtered water, organic almonds.

3] Elmhurst – found at Wegmans || filtered water, almonds

Almond and Oat milks are great, but I prefer Cashew milk the most. Cashews are SO good for us and filled with nutrients which is why I love making my milk from them. Also, oats are the grain that receive the most pesticides when not organic, so I highly recommend avoiding oat milk unless it’s organic or you’re getting a large serving of pesticides with your milk.

What’s your favorite non dairy milk?!

Hop over to where I’ll be doing a live demo making my cashew milk this week!


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