Living with Anxiety

I was asked recently to write up something with natural remedies for anxiety and I thought it was a fabulous idea. I suffer from anxiety and I know so many others who do as well. There are actually several things that can be done to help combat anxiety without going straight to a medication that will likely have side effects you now have to deal with. So, let’s dive in…

Things you can do:

Fitness ( Move Your Body) – Yoga and Zumba are my favorite physical activities to reduce anxiety but there are a gazillion options. Try things out until you find what works for you. It’s not a one size fits all.

Meditation or Prayer – Whatever you call it. Just get silent with yourself every day for at least 10 minutes. You will notice a difference. I am significantly more on edge on days I skip my meditation.

Practice Gratitude – It is impossible to feel anxious and grateful at the same time. I like to list 10 things I’m grateful for from my day each night before I go to sleep. Doing it daily requires you to think of the little things and rewind through your day in your head specifically looking for good. This is wonderful for the soul.

Get some sleep – Most adults need a regular 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night. Lack of sleep can lead to things such as increased stress, anxiety, reduced immune system function, increased blood pressure, and a whole host of other problems. When we practice relaxation and get enough sleep, these things can be significantly reduced. Quality sleep also helps to improve and renew your skin. Before bed, be sure to wash your face and hydrate well. I personally love Crunchi Charcoal Bar and Crunchi Nightlight moisturizer. Practice some deep breathing exercises and add a little lavender oil to your inner wrists. This routine helps me sleep like a baby!!

Things you can consume:

Ashwagandha – Importat Note: Not all herbs are created equal, and not all are safe for use by the general population. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should refrain from the use of Ashwagandha powder due to its ability to cause issues to the mother and baby, which can be fatal. People with autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and type 1 diabetes should also avoid ashwagandha unless authorized by a doctor. 

Here are my favorite varieties: 

Gold Gummies (super tasty):

Standard Process (swallow tablet):

Earthley (liquid herb option):

CBD – Green compass is what I’ve used in the past. Usda certified organic, grown in the USA by 6th generation farmers and every bottle has a QR code so you can scan and see the full lab results (tested by an third party) for that specific batch of cbd.

Do you have any tried and true tricks for helping with anxiety? I’d love to hear them!

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Hey, friends!

A massive welcome to the Raising Clean blog!

Raising Clean was created in June of 2018 (on Facebook, the blog came later). I had only been on my own toxin free journey for 3 months and honestly had no idea what I was doing. But I knew one thing. I was fired up about all I had learned about the harmful chemicals lurking in our products and our children’s products and I had to share it with anyone who would listen. 👂 I now have a fabulous community of like-minded women who all just want to live our best, healthiest lives!

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Ditch & Switch: Lipgloss

💋 Why do safe swaps matter when it comes to lip products?

Many lipglosses contain:


•Lake Dyes & FD&C Colorants


•Flavor/Unspecific Flavor/”Natural Flavor”

•Propylene Glycol

•Formaldehyde Releasers (e.g., Diazolidinyl Urea)





•Mineral oil

Not ours!💋

Do you prefer a creamy, non-sticky lipgloss to a thick, gooey gloss? Because if so, you’re in for a treat when you try my fave!🤩

These lipglosses are loaded with nourishing oils like organic castor, coconut, jojoba, sunflower & olive oils, plus the oh-so nourishing cocoa butter! Most smell like cupcakes, except the Transparency and brand new Mulberry Mint which have organic peppermint 😍❄️ but you’ll only find vanilla plantifolia fruit or organic peppermint oil and NO artificial fragrances!

It’s ultra-glossy and non-sticky! All-vegan, nourishing, long-lasting, and moisturizing. It glides on effortlessly with a no greasy feel. You all will fall in loooove😍🌟

Definitely give some care and attention to the lip products you use, ladies! Most women consume several pounds of lip products throughout their lifetime🥴 So make sure what you’re putting ON your body is what you feel comfortable putting IN your body♥️

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• • Safe Swap • •

You may not know this, but in 2015 I actually worked at Bath and Body works. I had a ton of their products and that Christmas every single present I bought was from that store. This legitimately hurts my heart to think about. I just didn’t know then what I know now. 

So, let’s talk lotions today. I’ve never been someone who uses hand lotion specifically, but body creams and such are what I always used on my hands as well. One of my favorites was the French Lavender and Honey from Bath and Body Works. They are SO good at marketing these to look and sound so lovely and innocent. But when you look at the ingredient label you will find several 🚫 toxic ingredients…

🚫 Petrolatum, 🚫 Fragrance (Parfum), 🚫 Tetrasodium EDTA, 🚫 Disodium EDTA, 🚫 BHT, 🚫 Diazolidinyl Urea, 🚫 Methlyparaben, 🚫 Propylparaben, 🚫 Red 4, 🚫 Red 33, 🚫 Yellow 5

Sadly, you will find these ingredients in most conventional lotions. They come with a slew of potential health issues according to the EWG such as: 

organ system toxicity

Endocrine disruption 

Enhanced skin absorption 

Irritation (skin, eyes, or lungs)

Contamination concerns

Biochemical or cellular level changes


I think I’ll pass… 

OR you can switch to my favorite, which is:

🌻 Made with raw ingredients

🇺🇸 Made in the USA

🌿 Toxin- free 

I feel good supporting another small business and it feels like heaven on my skin! 

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I owe it to you…

🤍 because not every mom gets to make muffins with her daughter at 9am on a Monday, but I do.

❤️ because not every mom gets to be there for every moment (good, bad, and ugly), but I do.

🧡 because not every mom gets to follow her dreams, but I do.

💛 because not every mom gets to do what she’s passionate about every day of her life, but I do.

I owe it to you to share these things because if someone hadn’t shared with me 3 years ago, I wouldn’t be here. I would be working a job I hated, away from my daughter every day, with no time to pursue my own dreams or passions.

You can live the life you want. You just have to take the first step.

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I owe it to you… and you owe it to yourself 🥰

I did a thing.

A thing I almost didn’t do. A thing I didn’t know if I’d be able to complete. A thing that truly is one of my most proud moments of my life thus far. 

I completed a Spartan Super entirely On. My. Own. 

I did two Spartan Sprints in 2019 and I had someone with me every step of the way. Motivating me, helping me over some obstacles, literally dragging me along the course at times. So, I booked a Super thinking I would have that same support system for a race double the size with more and harder obstacles. But, that person is no longer my support system and the thought of doing this race alone quite literally petrified me. I didn’t know if I had it in me physically and I was 100% certain I didn’t have it in me mentally. I almost did not make it to the starting line. Thankfully I have a new support system now in some amazing friends who encouraged me and helped me see that I could do it on my own. 

So, I showed up at that starting line. And I took off by myself. 

It was hard. So freaking hard. And yes, I cried like a baby when I achieved that damn obstacle that I never in a million years thought I could do. 

But even though I did the race alone, I had people. I’m so thankful for the spartan community. The people who chatted with me as we walked along in agony. The woman who gave me a boost two separate times when my five foot basically nothing self didn’t stand a chance at getting over something way too high. The woman who stopped after completing the monkey bars and could have kept going but she stayed to talk me through my own fear of the obstacle. 

It was an absolutely amazing experience and I think I came out on the other side changed. I now know, truly, that I can do anything. I’m braver than I give myself credit for. I also know that there are some very kind souls out there and those are the people I will surround myself with. 

AROO 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

vulnerable post ahead ↴

Formerly, I was a partner (fiancé) who gave up a teaching career to show up for her family as a stay-at-home mom. What I did not see coming was a break up after 7 years.

5 months ago I became a single mom with primary custody of my daughter (plus our two dogs). A daughter who I wanted to continue to support and show up for as I always had. What immediately ran through my head was:

1. WHERE are we going to live?

2. HOW am I going to support all of us, feed us, clothe us, without her dad’s income?

3. WILL I be able to do this on my own?

SIGH – 😞

Well, it’s all because of my toxin free business that I’ve been able to get us into our own home (that even has a small yard for the dogs), work around the needs of my daughter, and SHOW up for her as I always have!❤️❤️❤️❤️

It nearly brings me to tears each time I take a moment to truly reflect and be grateful 💫 for where I am and what I’ve accomplished. I am forever grateful to the direct selling industry as it has changed my life not once. It’s because of companies like this one that women have the opportunity to make part time income working less than part time hours or make career income and accumulate wealth working full time hours. Did you know that 80% of women who make six figures do so through direct sales?!

Now, I ask you… what could you do with an extra 400-600 a month, or even an extra couple thousand+ a month, or heck six figures a year?

I do it for her

Because 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime — I do it for her
Because more than 40,000 women will die this year of breast cancer — I do it for her
Because research is showing that 5-10% of breast cancer is actually genetic and the other 90-95% of breast cancer is due to environmental toxins — I do it for her
Because of my daughter, my eyes have been opened and I’ve made changes I never thought I would make — I do it for her
Because of her, I’m conscious and aware and making educated decisions on the products we use in this house, on and around our bodies, that will impact our health.
Because of her, I have much less of a chance of becoming a statistic and a greater chance of living disease-free WITH her.
If not for yourself, who would you do it for?
Sources // Breast Cancer Fund // The American Cancer Society // California Breast Cancer Research Program // BCPP //

Wegman’s Faves!

I’ve recently been asked what are my go to’s when grocery shopping at Wegmans. I love grocery shopping so I love this question lol. Below you’ll find what makes its way into my shopping cart often.

Kitchen Staples:

Wegmans Organic Beans

Woodstock Organic Oatmeal

Wegmans Sharp Cheddar Cheese, Thin Sliced

Pacific Foods Tomato Soup, Organic, Creamy

Banza Penne, Made from Chickpeas

Mighty Sesame Tahini, Organic

Cascading Farms Cereal, Organic, Cinnamon Crunch

Wegmans Premium Chunk Chicken Breast in Water, Family Pack

Wegmans Organic Kosher Dill Baby Pickles

Pacific Broth Organic – different kinds

Wegmans Organic Spices

Wegmans Baby Cut Carrots

Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips, Mini, Semi-Sweet

Wegmans Italian Classics Organic Pasta

So Delicious Coconutmilk Creamer, Organic, French Vanilla

Wegmans Organic Uncured Bacon

Wegmans Just peanuts creamy Natural peanut butter

Traditional Medicinals Tea

Special Treats on Occasion:

Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt Bars

Kodiak Cake Waffles

Cliff Nut Butter Filled Nut Butter Bar

KASHI Frozen Breakfast Waffles

Black Forest Gummy Bears, Organic 

Alter eco Grass fed Collection Chocolate Bar, Organic, Milk with Rice Crunch 

Do you have faves from Wegmans?? Share in a comment! For live videos of my grocery hauls and more, make sure you join the community over at –>

Wake up to Make up

Real talk time… the stress in my life has been a lot lately. My life has drastically changed within the last couple of months, and significantly within the last couple of weeks, in ways that I was not expecting. 

Because of this, my routine has been completely derailed, I haven’t been working out as much, and my diet has been garbage. Add all of these things together and you’ve got a break out. I will say I love that I know exactly why my skin is mad at me and I can fix the problem instead of it just being angry because of all the toxic products I had used on it like it used to be in the past. 

Anyway, I was going for a run yesterday, so I didn’t want to do a full face of makeup, but I also had some other errands to run and I wanted to cover up this breakout. All I’m wearing on the right is foundation, mascara, and gloss (and of course my skincare including primer). I’m not even wearing concealer! This foundation is literally life you guys. Let me know if you want to try some!