To those who don’t know me… hi! I’m Jessica 👋

Mama to 2 girls, soon to be wife, a little hippie, a little witchy, a little girly + your whole body wellness bestie 🫶

⬇️ A little about me ⬇️
I always wanted to be a girl mama & I love it!
My oldest goes to a forest school a couple of days a week and I homeschool the rest.
I was born and raised in upstate NY. We lived in Arizona for a few years & loved it there but moved back while I was pregnant with my oldest.
The health and happiness of my family is one of the most important things to me.

I grew up completely “normal”
I ate fast food and microwave dinners, drank juice and soda 😵‍💫
Cleaning products and personal care products were from normal drugstores, Target, Bath and Body Works, etc.

I was sick. All. The. Time.
I was on antibiotics constantly. I’m talking every month just about. I had my tonsils removed, I had mono, I was on an inhaler and couldn’t run or cheer without it. I saw several doctors for stomach issues and nobody seemed to have any answers. Anxiety and stress were running rampant through me in highschool.
I had no answers. In fact it was treated as if it was normal to live and feel this way. The answer was always just more medications.

I really didn’t even think to question anything until I unexpectedly got pregnant with my oldest daughter in 2018. As most mothers do, all I wanted was my child to be healthy.
My parents had raised me in alignment with all the public health recommendations and based on what was “normal” in our society. It is NORMAL to be unwell…

I knew there had to be a different way.

I’ve spent the last 5 years learning everything I can about health. I’m still not perfect but my eyes are open and I work to grow and improve everyday.
I rarely get sick. I do not go to the doctors. I am a runner and I don’t need an inhaler. It literally amazes me how much has changed 🤯
I attribute this change so much to eliminating toxic personal care and cleaning products. This is why I’m so passionate about helping others make safe swaps in their own lives and homes.

Right as I was starting to make changes in my life, while I was pregnant, everything else was changing too. We had just moved across the country back to NY. We were staying with my parents, I was leaving my teaching career and planning to be a stay at home mom for a bit.
We needed some side income to supplement Chris’ salary now that I wouldn’t be teaching. And I needed a purpose and community since I was about to be isolated at home with a baby as a new first time mom.

Someone I had known for years called me to tell me about a company called Crunchi she had partnered with and asked if she could send me some samples. I was skeptical at first but willing to try with an open mind.
I looked into the brand and the ingredients, sourcing, manufacturing, packaging, etc was all 🔥
Then I tried it… and I knew I had hit the jackpot 😍

I wore the foundation for a day and became a customer for life. Every foundation I had ever tried looked either cakey or melted off my face. Finding clean makeup that performed was something I had been struggling with.
I talked to my friend about the company, I talked to my fiance, and even though I had tried direct sales previously without a ton of success I saw how different his company was. I was the insane potential. I saw the mission and the class with sharing. I saw how they are education first and heart forward. Plus I was fired up from learning about how our personal care products are poisoning us and I felt pulled to share this knowledge with other women.

It wasn’t a hard decision to sign up. We needed the income, I loved the products, and I was passionate about the clean beauty message.
I quickly realized Crunchi checked all the boxes for what I needed in my life and some I didn’t even know I needed.
I had a very small circle of friends, a very small family, a very small social media following. But I just started sharing with everyone I could because I knew the information was valuable & life changing.

I’m no direct sales millionaire. But I share what I love everyday and I have fun doing it. I’ve been able to fully fund my daughter’s forest school, organic groceries for my family, pay off my jeep, and more.
This “side income” has made a world of difference for my family and allowed us to live in a way we’d never be able to without it.

Crunchi has been a big part of my journey, especially on social media + I feel so honored to mentor so many women who are not only helping others to reduce their burden, but they’re building income streams for their families too 😍

⬇️ A few things I love about being part of the clean beauty movement ⬇️

  • Start earning on your first dollar sold
  • Extremely generous compensation plan with unlimited earning potential
  • 20% discount on all your personal orders
  • No auto-ship or monthly order requirements
  • Helping other women detox their skincare & beauty routines
  • Like-minded community
  • Exclusive team resources & support

If you’re interested in learning what a partnership with Crunchi could look like in your life, let’s chat!!

You can most easily reach me here -> or at

*save an additional 20% when you enroll this month*


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