Self Care 🌷

Taking care of yourself, not just your body but your mind and your spirit, is so important. I know many people who work out every day so they think they are healthy. Or the people who eat fruits and veggies all day, so they’re healthy. Being truly well means staying active and eating right, yes, but what about your emotional well being?

This past week has been a whirlwind of craziness for me. My Fiancé and I closed on our first home on Monday and moved that very same day. We lived amongst boxes for the remainder of the week. We both had doctor’s appointments, he had interviews, we had plans with family, and a baby to care for. It seemed all our time at home was spent either unpacking or tending to Adeline. We both started to get a bit grumpier and a little more on edge. Our emotional health was put on the back burner and it showed. I was ignoring my work, he was ignoring his art. I didn’t go for runs or to Zumba or even roll out my yoga mat, he never touched his bike, running shoes, or workout equipment.

It was a rough week, but we got through it, and now we get to start a fresh week in our new home. I rolled out my yoga mat this morning and did a 20 minute morning flow and we went for a run with Addie this afternoon. We’ve been able to get back to cooking the food that our body needs and wants instead of surviving on a little bit of garbage in between unpacking boxes.

Living a healthy life doesn’t just mean ditching the toxins or taking walks; never forget about your emotional health. 👌

👇 What are you doing today to lift your emotional state?

-Raising Clean ✌️


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